“High Plains Drifter” Make it your own…

1. Start by getting your ring size. Either get a cheap sizer from Amazon or stop by you local jeweler and asked to get sized for the finger your getting the ring for. Be classy and tip them 5$ for their efforts, I’ll take it off the cost of the ring.
2. Choose a stone from this photo, I update them as the stones are spoken for. Or you can choose a stone from any other Turquoise provider.
3. Lastly, choose your metals for the ring. This is a two part ring, the main chassis and the side deco accent, which holds the stone in place. You can choose from: Sterling Silver, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Cobalt and Gold.
4. Then sit back and let me do my thing! I will notify you as soon as your ring is done. Typically most rings can be done in around 4 weeks. All rings require a 50% deposit. Wholesale pricing is available for a minimum order of 5 or more rings.

Take pride in the fact that your ring is truly “One of a kind”! No color scheme is too wild. Please note that some stones are exceptional and can be a bit more expensive. Also cobalt colors will vary from ring to ring.


  • Brass/Copper Chassis $350-$370
  • Sterling Silver Chassis $440-$460
  • Cobalt Chrome Chassis $470-$490