Meet Your Maker

Harding Inc. is a small operation run by Scott “Harding” Lunsford in Portland, OR.  To be honest I’m mostly a one man show.  I like to say I make “Wearable art.” But mostly I make what drives me and inspires passion, otherwise what’s the point. All my work is hand carved and has a story behind it.  Lately I’ve fallen deep into the “Turquoise Hole” which is a fun one to fall in.  “High Plains Drifter” is one of my favorite projects right now.  Also custom engraving is becoming a strong suit as well with stone setting and gold inlay to boot.  Really, I just love making cool stuff. No matter what project you have I will always put my best efforts in them, I don’t know any other way.  I’ve done everything from limited run knife beads, with some major players, to wedding bands with set stones, if you’r seeking help with design or production then please click “Get In Touch” shoot me an email and let’s bring your concept into this reality.